Cement Film Remover

concentrated cleaning agent on the basis of organic acids with non-ionic surfactants and auxiliary agents, no corrosive vapours, free of solvents, low odour

Removes cement film mortar and lime residues as well as stone care layers and residues of polymer-modified grout material on fine stoneware, natural stone, clinker and ceramic surfaces which are resistant to solvents. Not suitable for limestone and other natural stones which are not resistant to acids!

Natural stone, Granite, Ceramics
Area of application
Bathroom & sanitary, Flooring & stairs, Garden & terrace, Gravestone & monument
Basic cleaning
Rough, Fine-ground, Ground, Satinated, Bush-hammered, Sand blasted, Antique, Sawn, Raugh sawn, Rough, Polished, Flamed, Antique
Chemical basis
Method of application
Scrubber, Mop, Brush, Manual, Machine, Single disc machine
PH value
Colour Container Size PU Item number
- bottle 1l 6 11985
- canister 5l 2 11986